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Life time warranty on cellulose

We stand behind the products and quality of job we provide

5 years warranty on attic insulation.

We are so confident in our work we offer a 5 year warranty on our attic insulation services

Life time warranty on solar fan from manufacture.

We are known throughout the Chicagoland area, for good reason!

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Whether you’re making a small upgrade or investing in long-term home improvements, energySMART, a Nicor Gas program, offers rebates to help you save energy and stay comfortable at home.

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Why Insulate?

Energy Efficiency

No matter what time of year it is, home insulation is important to keep your house as energy efficient as possible. On cold days, heat can leak out; when it’s hot, cooling can escape.

Low Energy Bill

With all the energy inside, proper insulation means you’ll have a more affordable energy bill—but so many homes aren’t properly insulated. Not only will our home energy audit increase your comfort, but it’ll also decrease your spending. (click to read more)

Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Arguably the most important reason, proper insulation helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, if all homes were properly insulated, there would be a CO2 reduction of over 293.5 billion pounds. So why not take the step in the right direction with us?

Here At Green Insulation Experts
We Pride Ourselves On Providing Maximum Comfort

Cost savings

Our whole goal is designed so that through proper insulation, your house will be more comfortable while needing to use less energy reducing the cost of your energy bill.

Mold Prevention

Federal Specification HH-I-515D permits as much as 15% moisture by weight. Cellulose insulation was subjected to 90% relative humidity test by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and was found to have only 6.3% moisture absorption. In normal operating conditions in attics and walls, water absorption is less than 5% and will not affect the performance of Cellulose insulation.

Fire safety

Tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® show that Cellulose insulation provides an effective 1 hour fire rating. This will slow the spread of a fire allowing you more time to escape any danger.

Sound Control

Cellulose insulation provides very effective sound control to minimize outside noises and between rooms (if the interior walls are insulated). Many people only focus on the energy savings that can be achieved with Cellulose insulation but overlook the benefits that come from improved sound dampening.

What Puts GreenAttic On Top?

Life time warranty on cellulose

Life time warranty on solar fan from manufacture

5 years warranty on attic insulation

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