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Attic Insulation is a key element in creating a comfortable home

Attic insulation need to know

Heat Movement

Heat can transfer in and out of your house through three different methods: convection, conduction, and radiation. Convection is the most powerful and common way in which the inside currents launch the heat out of gaps in your home. When your walls have leaks and openings in them, the cold air will rush in to replace the warm air. 

Air FLow

These drastically different temperatures meet each other in walls, roofs, and insulation, located at the exact place where temperature and humidity contacts the new air outside of your home. This is known as a “weatherization problem” if your walls and roofs, etc. are not able to handle this transfer and meeting point point.

How To Use This Information

Now, some air movement is a good thing, especially when stale air starts to stack up and get dry and musty in the winter time. But, that amount needs to be carefully monitored in cold winter months so you are not losing money left and right.

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One of the most cost-efficient and cost-effective ways of keeping your house comfortable year-round is to install insulation in your attic. 

attic insulation contractor Chicago

Having a well-insulated attic and house is a great way to not only stay comfortable throughout the year, but also save a substantial amount of money over the lifespan of owning the home. The average homeowner can expect to save 30% on heating during the winter. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that, on average, a homeowner can expect to save over $170 on natural gas and over $500 on heating oil to stay warm during the winter months. With the National Association of Realtors estimating that the median length of time that a family lives in a home to be about 9 years, that’s a lot of savings by having a properly insulated home and attic! 

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It’s first important to understand where your house is loosing air and the best route to fix this problem. We handle that for you and even show you our process and the results!

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