energy assessment

Energy Assessment

An Energy Assessment Is The First Step In Making Your Home More Efficient.

Blower Door Testing

A basic energy assessment includes a blower door testing which gives homeowners a big picture understanding of air movement in the house. By using this method we will help determine areas where heated air escapes. Because a blower door uses a fan to create negative pressure in your house or slightly depressurize the house, outside air is pulled in through gaps, making them easier to find with our infrared cameras.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

With Infrared thermal imaging cameras, our technician can graphically display and photograph the insulation levels and cold or hot spots within your walls, ceiling, floors without creating any holes. Most people are amazed when they see a vivid image of where they are missing insulation and what that does for heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. You will be too! This is why an energy assessment is so important.

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"Here at Green Insulation Experts, we want you to save time and money, while sparing the environment in the process. That’s why we provide attic insulation services and consultations, helping you to pinpoint the major points of heat transfer out of your home and into the surrounding area. We help you to properly seal and insulate your home so your bill reflects immediate savings on the next pay period. Best of all, you and your family can enjoy nice, cozy, and warm temperatures at a price that is affordable."
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