Is your home under-insulated or have no insulation at all in its walls? You are not alone. Many homes do not have the proper levels of insulation to create optimal temperatures inside and achieve energy savings. Homes built in the 1970s and even as late as the late 1980s often do not have enough installation installed. This can lead to high energy bills, an overworked heating and air conditioning unit, and uncomfortable temperatures.

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Unfortunately, because many forms of insulation are made to be installed in large sections called batts, this limits the number of options that are available to the homeowner who would like to insulate existing walls. There are alternatives though to ripping up existing walls and installing batts. One alternative is to install cellulose insulation.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation, while one of a few options to insulate attics, is the most cost-efficient and effective forms of insulation to add to existing walls. Because cellulose is thick, heavy, and clumpy, it is the perfect insulation type to be blown into existing walls. It can conform and fit into enclosed areas.

To begin installation, cellulose is fed into an insulation blower which fluffs up the insulation prior to expulsion of the cellulose. The insulation is then blown into the walls or attic through tubes of the insulation blower. The cellulose then fills any cavities or covers existing insufficient insulation and the walls are patched and painted.

Green Attic Insulation excels at installing cellulose insulation, which is not only treated with fire-retardant material but also is very eco-friendly and cost-efficient. For a free estimate and inspection, please complete the form above and an insulation expert will reach out to you shortly.

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