Black mold, while beneficial in nature as it removes dead organisms from the ecosystem, can be unsightly and can cause serious damage to your framework. Mold can also cause health issues such as skin irritation, stuffy nose, throat irritation, and coughing to name a few. It is best to remove mold as soon as it is noticed in your home.

The first step to remove mold is to remove the source of moisture that the mold feeds off of. If the source of the moisture is not removed, even if the mold is taken off the surface of the wood, chances are the black mold will continue to come back.

Insulation, when correctly installed, will prevent moisture from building up in the attic in cold and warm climates.

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The first step in removing mold is to wear a protective mask and cover your body to avoid contact with the mold. Once the mold is located, spray the affected area with a mixture of tea tree oil and water in a 1 teaspoon oil to 1 cup water ratio. Shake the bottle continuously to ensure a proper mix of the solution is sprayed onto the wood. Let the solution sit for five to ten minutes, and, using a nylon brush, use strong strokes over the mold. Repeat a few times if the mold is stubborn and will not come off. Dry the area with a rag, then spray a light layer of the solution back onto the wood.

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